Sunday, 1 March 2015

army vehicles

VFJ JongaLight Utility Vehicle IndiaPhased out. Manufactured by Vehicle Factory Jabalpur.
Mahindra 550 DXBLight Utility Vehicle India
KrAZ-6322Heavy Utility Truck Ukraine
Bedford TJMedium4X4 Truck IndiaBedford J6:6 Tone Truck. Being phased out.
Swaraj MazdaMedium 4X4 Truck200+ IndiaIn service from 1996. 2.5 Ton truck
Mitsubishi PajeroLight Utility Vehicle JapanUnknown numbers. Deployed at the Indo-Chinese Border[9]
Maruti GypsyLight Utility Vehicle31,000 IndiaAdditional 4,100 ordered in September 2014.[10]
Windy 505Fast attack vehicle700 IndiaIn service from 2005.[11]
VahanLight 4x4 truck India1 Ton truck
VFJ LPTA 713 TCMedium 4X4 truck India2.5 Ton truck. Manufactured by Vehicle Factory Jabalpur.
VFJ MatangMedium 4X4 truck India3 Ton truck. Manufactured by Vehicle Factory Jabalpur.
Super AzadMedium 4x4 truck India3 Ton truck
Ashok Leyland TopchiMedium 4x4 truck India3 Ton truck
Sisu NasuAll-terrain transport vehicle Finland
VFJ ShaktimanMedium 4x4 truck7,000 India4 Ton truck, in a wide range of configurations from Vehicle Factory Jabalpur.
VFJ RamparMedium Amphibious truck IndiaAmphibious conversion of the Shaktiman truck manufactured by Vehicle Factory Jabalpur.
Tata Model 1210SDMedium truck India4 Ton truck.
VFJ Stallion Mk III
VFJ Stallion Mk IV
Medium 4x4
6x6 Truck
60,000 India5 Ton trucks, in a wide range of configurations manufactured by Vehicle Factory Jabalpur.
Saab-Scania SBA 1116x6 trucks600[12] Sweden
Ashok Leyland Crash Fire TenderFire Tender India
Tata LPTA 1615 TCArtillery Tractor Truck India
Tatra 8x8 Mobile Decontamination VehicleMobile Decontamination Vehicle India
Tata LPTA 1621Medium 4x4 truck India5 Ton truck
BEML TatraHeavy 4x4 trucks
6x6 trucks
8x8 trucks
10x10 trucks
12x12 trucks
7000[13] India
 Czech Republic
License produced Tatra Force heavy truck. Various models. Used for carrying sensitive equipment like Radars as well as vehicle for Pinaka and Smerch MBRL systems.

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